Monday, 28 March 2011

Sugar Leech I

Sugar Leech small and dark

Soft and damaged to our eyes

But hard inside

With all the bothers

That were someone else's fault.

Some would have kept her

Sure they could make it alright

Her dragging them down

With dependant hooks

To a place I really believe

She made for herself

Out of all the trouble

We would not spend

Ourselves in making.

A night time scare for Sugar Leech

The door she left unlocked

Like all the rocks walked into

Those two steps away could see

She'd done with open eyes

To cry us into her victim hole.

Spinning moods half her age

She went away to hate us all

Fake noose a necklace of attraction

To feed again

On someone new.


Flower Looked Through My Window

That summer flower looked through my window

I was cold

My dancer's body, skin close to bone

A face on a stem

The noises at night

Bed cold and sharp as my limbs cut into it

Voices I'd lay and wait for

Stay in my head in day time jeering

Ground and air rough around me

Only pain keeping me awake

If I fell no one would save me

I had to save myself

And if I fell I would break

Then time to lay again

The outside got in

Crowd buzzing inside

Through holes as I was fading

How could I eat

With a belly closed and sour with anger

If it was vanity that would be easy

As you look through foggy eyes

Listen to me

Just let me sleep.