Monday, 11 April 2011

The City

Do I live in the city

Or does the city live in me

When I was waiting outside

I wanted to be a figure within

Eyes stretch to devour

A horizon of wishes

Each the star of a jewel

To freeze my eyes afraid to blink

But now I halt

Before I can see the soft distance

For the city steps out

Running circles around my attention

To wave its wares for me to taste

Now I can feel my body object

Have I had too much

Or maybe not enough

Do I feed the city

Its wires enter my skin

To drink me weary

The bell sprung gate ahead

With its title in upper case

Is it me it needs to keep it swinging

The words on the next say yes

The city is breaking

Another road drill

Zig-zagging the air tight around me

Abrasion hangs in my mouth

And towers form in my ears

That make the air screech

From the concrete growing pains

My limbs jar against walls

As I try to unwind

Freewill a web to tangle my fingers and teeth

Locked into the city

A faceted dome

A choice on every wall

I turn to hear everyone

And buy so many none can grow

Start building one more

Before the floor has set

Screens for eyes

Tired of the repeats they see

Give me a space for reaction

No time for reaction

All the clocks in the city

Hold a different opinion

And when can I go home.


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