Monday, 11 April 2011

Crazy Rexy's Got the Mean Reds

Remember to blink

Remember to stretch

Remember to breath

Remember to drink.

I'm sick and tired

I can't remember

If I shut the door.

You need fresh air

Go out, get perspective.

Relax, go home

Stay in, get some sleep.

Let it all out

Tell us your problems.

Shut up now, you're boring

Your time is up.

The money's run out

Get a loan.

We're here to help

Pay back time

You'll be fine by then.

You dream of black dogs

Read Freud.

It's all about arse

You're up your own arse.

Take control of your life

You're too in control.

Have a drink

Have some fun.

You feel sick?

Have another

It'll make you forget

Make the taste go away.

Put fat on your bones.

Don't worry

Go on have some more

Force feed, wind it in.

Think about what you eat

I'm bloated with facts

Today I'm not hungry.

If you squeeze enough

You'll find a lump.

Get a life

You're not going to die.

Be vibrant, wear red.

Bring it on

You can do more.

I'm vibrating, I'm shaking

I'm……. I'm…….


1 comment:

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! This poem is spot on. I hate it when people try to cheer you up by saying cheesy things when you're feeling down ... Love "I'm bloated by facts"