Monday, 11 April 2011

The Moth Gods

Draped round the scene are the Moth Gods

The cut of their bone

Sharp in their suits

Skin marble tight and pearl dust face.

Clip clap of their heel

See them drawn into shapes

Carpets become a cobbled street

Monotone is their film.

He had just stepped off

As the bridge gave way

Precision that hadn't a care.

Some children spellbound

They followed him on

A lantern in the darkest street

Saturday night is a scream.

Through smoke grey glass

They reflect a smile

She caught her breath

A recoiling cuff

The dragons tail revealed.

He will steal a gift from you

To wear and shine himself

Ice in you eyes

They're what he wants.

At the chime of their voice

We nod and agree

Were they feathers he sang

Or splinters of a sneer.

Moth God pours time as the ink

That stains his coat

Boot steps drop ash at dawn.


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