Monday, 25 April 2011

A Night Out with Black Annis

We grab a corner of the town each

And give it a thundering shake.

Annis rises up through the dust cloud

She's caught her cloak on the church spire

Spinning it around in a twist.

My name I scratch into tombstones

While she's up on the roof tiles

Drumming a tune with a cross.

I follow the time of her rhythm

Lighting new colours in stained glass

To end I leave them all black.

She leads me through pathways unheard of

Where houses shiver and moan.

In the air there's a whisper from Annis

Turning the brooding womb barren.

There's an act going on through a keyhole

Temptation has his legs round a virgin.

They flock for a peep for a coin.

So we have the people distracted

A wailing babe is our next pious cause.

We slice it through a window left closed.

An eyeball for cats to paw pat

Hounds make carvings in bone

A crow soars away with a milk tooth.

The only use we can find is to eat it.

And I give twenty good reasons

When asked why.

We count the devils footprints

The crossroads is where we meet.

He knows of our occupation

And thinks it wise not to stay.

But he keeps on the right side of Annis

And offers to take up the blame.

Now she's become monumental

Her hair flying thrashes open the sky.

Annis is out on her own now

The time to be on the road home.


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