Monday, 11 April 2011

Three Holidays

In France it was as if I'd never seen day time before.

The gardens and roof tops were alight.

I washed the heat from my hands at the church

And looked down to the diamonds in the sea,

Wondering what I'd have to do to own them.

In Germany the old Jewess in the grave yard

Waved to the frost blue sky, sweeping it higher

And nodded to the earth, pulling it closer to me.

And told us the truth,

In a language we didn't understand.

In England over time flat fields

I could see as far as I was going.

Clouds falling in mist on dead Kings

My steps drawn on in an ancient journey.

I tried to look through the eyes of the slaughter stone.

From the stone circle a crow was watching,

And seemed to know me already.


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