Monday, 11 April 2011

Wisp Frayheart

Wisp Frayheart is climbing

She's climbing for her holiday

No time to rest

She hasn't got there yet.

There's shopping to do.

Everyday is windy

Wisp feels all blown about

Leaves swirling around her

One touches her shoulder

Who's there? Who's that?

She's shopping for new sadness

That old sadness

Doesn't fit right today.

Her round eyes search

For a new one to wear

One that will pinch her here

And sting her there.

Now something is scratching

She can feel it humming

It's in her hair

No between her toes.

Wisp can't find it

Maybe it was hidden

In a word he said.

She keeps it

And repeats it.

It's all she has

Since a gust of wind

Blew the seeds away

Before she could see them

Under her glass.

She forgot them yesterday

Tomorrows too late

She's always late.

He said there was singing

She's always too late

To hear the birds singing.


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