Friday, 29 July 2011

Maria Marten Chant

Maria Maria

William beat you down dead

Blood soaked the barn.

Maria Maria

Girls who are easy with men

Invite their own end.

Maria Maria

A country born wench

Should not think to roam.

Maria Maria

Mother Marten she weeps

But we shan't waste a tear.

Maria Maria

Earth will hold you down

In the red of sunset.

Maria Maria


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Haunting Pier Hill

Haunting Pier Hill

Sea spray dust trapped

In the glamour

Gales shearing the skin of hotels

The fog a kindness to scars and her

Beating on oil drum island

Safe from a sky

Drawn down in pewter leaf

And rose petal fan light

The estuary a wind pipe

Her impression planted between the sweep

I left me there

In a loop of astrakhan armour

My lady forever reclining

In rock flower brocade.


Pearly Claw

Pearly Claw

I know you love him

I want your love too

My eyes turning green

Green becomes you

You climb right in

When I get out of bed

Alone with him

He caught a fish

Your song turns his head

Scale in my throat

Pray teach me your spell.


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Ragdoll Nancy

Feet in the air

Head first in a box

She fell out on the floor

Sewn on face smiling at me.

Her legs can't hold her

Nancy just flops over

Swung along by an arm

Made of cloth, wool and ribbon.

Think I'll run a bubble bath

And drop her right in.