Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dream Awake

My self has gone

With my daytime

I dance to what

You do to me

I dream awake

And watch you

Lift me from

The crowd.


Friday, 21 October 2011

Black Line

Chased by the spotlight of day

I hang onto the wheel

Counting numbers

Until the black line is drawn

And behind the curtains of night

She puts me in my place

I commit a million tiny murders

Or a knife attack, in secret

It's just the same

But I'm changed

Close as hell is hot

I stoke the coals

In my belly

And my face

Is just something I wash.


In Reality

In reality this isn't a city

Just the edge of land

Hysterical with immigrants

Talking so loud

I fight to hear

Her low dark moan.

Their illusions

A rocket ship

When a road

Is all I can see.


The Half Moon

The half moon

Reaching down for us

Her glittery pathway

Spread there before us

If we step in

The sea can take us

Or turn for home

Her light to guide us.


Monday, 3 October 2011

Ball Gowns

She's an explosion inside a circle, courting me with the sun. I burn just to be beside her, from her reflected glow. All day I hear her calling to me from petals of voracious meat. Raw velvet with thorns who taste my blood if I try to hold her. She bows her head now autumn is near, so I steal my chance to cut and possess her to darken and dry in my room. Where in winter I re-kindle her past.



Bleeding into the night

I wake to take part

In another day

Leaving a promise

To come home again

And fall into

The arms of sleep.