Monday, 2 January 2012

Night Bus

Early on the first

Level crossing up

Bus shelter

From the rain

Ten minutes

Us and some kids

Look the other way

Spitting games

Steady boys


Can I have one

No I've got none left

Princes and princesses

Stilettos off

Bare feet

On the pavement

I don't know why

We're waiting

We've got no money

Not in service

Here comes another

Don't get on

Puffy faced couple

This bus isn't going


Walk away

Look I'll give you twenty quid

Trouble last night

Get off

Her dad will cut you

Thirteen year old girl

Just the boys

He called me a speccy cunt

Not the girls

Come home with me

Get on

Police back print

She's only thirteen


Upstairs bro

I've got two glasses

In my jacket

Olive girl in white

Sandals and bobble hat

For safe keeping

I've been at work today

United nations of restaurant street

She looks like your mum

She reminds me of

Blond on her phone

My pockets are longer than my shorts

Where are we

Happy new year.



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