Thursday, 16 February 2012

Flirting with the Sea

I go flirting with the sea. You play along with me as if I were a girl with a fishes' tail or one who isn't shy of dipping her feet in deep water. My earth blood never learnt how to swim so I sing to you, but when you open your mouth for me I step away, you move in louder. Silvery hailer. I'm so far now I claim not to hear the things I say and come close alone in safety, I don't feel the cold. We talk of cresting the floodgates and the portholes of shipwrecks . Come and take me, then send me home with salty lips, to central heating, with broken sea shells to wear on a chain. But I hide them in a dark, silent casket, like another girl who hopes for the mist to come down, and then runs away.




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