Saturday, 12 May 2012

Repairs and Diversions

Leaving the pressure of clouds

over Essex

two strangers are trapped

in a dead end.

Unable to join the train

of people

onto my fear

the escalator.

All alternatives padlocked.

A songwriter and Sky,

his elfin hound,

who when I think back

didn't look long at me,

afraid of catching my fear,

she was wise,

until someone came with keys

to the steps

then she leapt by my side.

While her songwriter

made a difficult climb

just to stay with me

until I felt safe over ground,

nothing more.

I said the things people say like


with a feeling like

6 o'clock sadness

that his kindness was worth more than

a handshake.

And on my way home to the coast wondered

if that was a rook or a crow,

and if you could tell me which?

Rook or crow what's the difference,

I asked anyway,

if he should fly to Wales

to salute you from me,

as I imagine Sky and you walking

away from track repairs

and diversions,

mown sunshine in your shade.

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