Monday, 9 July 2012

Urge Overkill

At the age when inside out

was pretty

holding hands in

an urban field

with Faith.

My unnatural face

shadowed naturally hadn't slept

or eaten

water wouldn't boil

for a dehydrated meal

and deconstruction was my style.

He wore make-up

I didn't

both in our leathers

indoors a tent

early but a replica of night

imagining a Camden backroom.

We'd kissed May, June and July

on one bench in one graveyard

Faith to my left, always.

Once he bought a dress

'an interesting shape'

from a classy thrift store.

Rain and mud

by the main stage

and my boyfriend

with his arm around Sarah

while Urge Overkill play for

some easy number.

Blue suits

wearing ties

Cuban heels

Brian Jones hair.


Sunday, 8 July 2012

A Moth

In absence of the moon

a moth came to the glass

moon shavings work the dark

tissue blades blur my

bed lies waiting

let me in or

come out.

She'll wear bridal weeds

till she dies.


Ballroom Hungry Crush

Did you see Skinny dry out all charcoal

in the ballroom hungry crush?

Just look at yourself moth girl fluttering

in a chiffon bag, dusting the night

soaked in ultra violets.

I hope to grow up

as the crow flies,

with money for the cloakroom

after a T-shirt, tape and lucozade

fitted out and standing in

so can one of you mind the coat heap

volcanic disturbance of scarves here.

We all know what'll finish her

she'll do an Isadora

caught in the car door

all the way down to a beach holiday

east coast to south coast sole crunchers

both are imported just like America

but I've only heard the recordings

so get me a ticket when they come over

and for Christ's sake

stop waving that torch about

we're leaking fuel all over the place

makes the dance floor a bum bruiser

worse than Romford cabbage market.

When his plane crashed

red one side of his face, blue the other

half the passengers burnt

the other half jumped the fare up north

as far as the black country.

The prettiest colours

need to land on a girlfriend

lemon and lime are all the same

it's just a matter of purple

and a twisted ankle,

'that explains a lot,' he said

'now I know this is concussion'.

Isn't that cute, a claw with hinges

white wire hook trawling for me

swallowed up whole by a primitive wormform

dislocated clam shell on wah wah,

no he's just yawning

can't help it late nights

laying awake is as bad as the drink

grinding nail dust up to his back teeth.

Three finger prints are never the same

but when you think you've lost them

his prints turn up again

echoes in a bucket alive with bait.

She isn't really going out with him

draw me some icicle tears

and come out tonight

scales of moon flakes in her eyes

slower than overtime

I can't quite reach that drum beat

repeat that

he's overstating the fact

yeah, but do it again

to a shiny dreamer

someone liberate that tambourine

from the spotlight, she's shy

and everyone wants a bite of the fairy cake.

It's enough to make a girl want to

throw herself in the Chelmer

and break her nails on a shopping trolley

he's not worth all night crystal gazing

now she's curled up under his tongue

sing in the chorus everyone

the sea birds brag like

they have their own personal tailor.

Why do you pay at the door

and then talk in the front row?

My kitten would teach them.

If only I knew what goes on at home

swishing her tail

objet d'art cha-cha on the dresser

for the carriage clock it's too late

and the dome has fallen right over their heads.

Moving parts not safe for children

that string of beads she kept twirling

snapped all at once

a mirror mosaic hangs in the air

because they like it in here.

Out there skyscraper windows

wide angle panning

everyone's up and watching the telly

I'll go door to door tomorrow

with coloured light bulbs for all

but now it's time

to walk back in on four strings

heel to toe on a bridge rope

then drop straight down into

a glass of alka seltzer

on the lowest step and descend

until Saturn's ring has a day off

he said he'd come down

for the beer mainly

and five men on a weekend planet

after a warp the ring has caught it

his hair drawing curtains

dig ditches under listed buildings

palm grease clap on the classic body

can't stop till he's out of ammunition

and wipe his hand on his jeans

when the drum says it's over.

Turn his voice down up difficult way

to furnace throat, cough drop ripper

all over their hard labour

nice work for young men

now the mills got knotted

and the mines all consumptive.

This is no balloon ride honey

excuse me but I've seen her in London

there's a bird on her way

to burst your bubble.

You mean like a sparrow?

Yeah, she's faster than road kill.

Hey have you seen the cormorant?

He went down, was down forever

I built a fish bone shrine

then up he comes like

some sort of coat of arms

for a family like that I'd never leave home.

You only see pigeons where I'm from lass

or some damn great vulture

poseur for pictures, then he cleans up the candy

and we'll need some of that

because she's spitting bottle tops

that tambourine's back doing cymbal stomp

she heard him two timing her fizzy love

he's a slanger

feedback ring on the rebound.