Monday, 9 July 2012

Urge Overkill

At the age when inside out

was pretty

holding hands in

an urban field

with Faith.

My unnatural face

shadowed naturally hadn't slept

or eaten

water wouldn't boil

for a dehydrated meal

and deconstruction was my style.

He wore make-up

I didn't

both in our leathers

indoors a tent

early but a replica of night

imagining a Camden backroom.

We'd kissed May, June and July

on one bench in one graveyard

Faith to my left, always.

Once he bought a dress

'an interesting shape'

from a classy thrift store.

Rain and mud

by the main stage

and my boyfriend

with his arm around Sarah

while Urge Overkill play for

some easy number.

Blue suits

wearing ties

Cuban heels

Brian Jones hair.


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