Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday Night Mars Fly

Friday night

mars fly

panting abdomen

out on the glass

look, I don't want that in

phone lines down

flew in before

he could shut

open wider out

in here kitchen

vibing like a metal zip

speed pulling

on broken teeth

white light

shadow wall show

bayonet moon


off and on off and on

I don't like not knowing where

irrational attractor

colliding with his

gas mask face


resting on the boiler

bee or wasp


I've never seen

the door shut

we must keep it where

out of the bed

our clothes

where we can see it

it's late

two of six legs

cross and slide

and wings

peels of burnt skin

gothic arch leading

bullet body

skin tight

painted blood clot colour

uncooked offal

warning stripes

to a mouse

or snake venom

I'd be found

lying immaculate

in the long grass

with afterthought spasms

of a fortune telling fish

can I see a sting

makes Michael very sick

easy to just

a jar


room half size

advance and avoiding



zed zed zed

and chrome bucket


a stop in the slice of


under the door

our cat wines

mine mine

the other side

of no-man's land

what would they do

I'll deal with it tomorrow

just go to bed

climb and trap

and show the boys

spray from a can

a foreigner

the window down

in a different language

stay a wooden yard


out rectangle

then big for

night drills

phones still down

and it's so hot in here

fire could catch

you go

call me

I'll wait

see where it flies

watching swing ball

all the rage

till the wire breaks

out or

down on the lino

under a plastic box

come in now.




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