Monday, 6 August 2012

Sunn Day

On Sunn night the sky rushed down the sea

and they gave outlines to

an iron age storm coming


tremor and tiny shift of silent anxiety

of I don't know yet

but an unborn sense

in the seed and skull

sound of tectonic step on prehistoric

or over a hairline crack


I'm here but somewhere I've been

something could happen

and tear at the walls

so the floor collapses on what I left behind


but here blood tunnels and tooth

undoes a seed a root

with no knowledge of colour

just eat and drink and lean towards Sunn

a membrane shirt between eiderdown and broken mountains

spoken by men in cloaks


and electric smoke born and trapped between the arches

preachers of nothing lain on a dolmen

or surgery bed

attended by temple bones memorial to a ghost promenade

the stage for curved throats wide as scream angle

where the sun dials point to primal streams

are the only movement on this island

further into my vein a needle thread

in and out through the earth

and stone neck where our breath rests

and crawls ruby to emerald scabs

sonic quick sand deeper than gravity


blade humming birds wing scything

sternum-down-plugged in-solar plexus-floor-earthed

my roots feel their way to wormy mineral waste


as I sway on earth I fuse and fracture

we face Sunn

iron rays ploughing cloud vaults locked

bloom to vapour and last as long as

a depth charge cupped in my hand

leaves touch heat and open to hold more weight


mammoth finds a magnifying glass and stares at a virus

till it flares down on the hot plate

branding death watch beetle into oak

twinkle sparks distract the mammoth

and he falls in love with mistral

charging away false darkness murmuring thunder

inhale every colour together makes white

volume blindness leaves a stain on my hair roots

wasp song to tuber rose

we are grain drowners


if I close my eyes can I touch your arm

in case I forget I'm alive

you'll know what I mean that flowers are blind


nine petals open and curl round air caves

close over my ears

premonition of the grave


blown east by noise

decay eases the mesh

spine spacing surface tension of water ribs


jet was coal


a glass walked to the edge and

fell under sound





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