Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Coach number 1 of 8

The next station is
East Croydon
the sun's out
lighting the carpet
bless you says
the transport policeman
a man not of
English extraction
I thought as much
time for me to go
be careful
The Strand
an exhibition
no parallel
on the way home
I'm going Embankment – Victoria
one rabbit listening
ink factory
not over the bridge
Waterloo and all that
I'm taking gloves
Alex said you need
gloves and a mask
the direct route
when you make
your own
get that in your eye
one magpie two
you could go blind
green men in my
you're pushin' too hard
you're pushin' too hard
astro turf doesn't
I want to go
this way
soak up the water
I got levitation
men and boys
an orderly queue
and some girls
hands in pockets
and guitar cases
outside G.A.K.
thank God
what's going on
long black hair
in a field
black cattle
streaks down his face
the rain's stopped
Kerry King from
in town
a leather jacket
all runs off
hot and dry top
legs all wet
I know
I'm wearing mine too
made to measure
for his sister
thank God
the rain's stopped
I got it cheap
can you please
change these coins
what time are you
travelling home
we are now
if you're quick
East Croydon.


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