Saturday, 27 October 2012

Mechanics of Exit

Mechanics of – exit – grating – shoe sole – polished to – a slip – on lacerating – edge silver – blured sharply – anger – panic spills – trip escalator – tube flow – an official – to red key – the off – disruptive – for their – ease of – underground – and over – rubber rail – cuff bitten – hand of – stander – sees day light – get to him – waiting – floor built – on floor – X X X – metres – black northern – depression line – stand to the – right – run force – my weight step – the last – one over – collapse – between the teeth – out – want stop – the top – gate blink – static gust – down trap – adverts distraction – nice try – museum – living under glass – hold together – penny map – drop out – bolts – work themselves – off – double shift – operation – spinning – at the – top.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Skin Work

Stiletto torn

wallpaper hip line


marilyn blonde

luxy tit curtains

and a drink

skin work

pays better than

don't ask

and a sense of smirk

shiny shiny

wrist watch chunk

no mobiles

no cameras

no filming

dance wall facing

jingle fingers

bum ripple


one light only


the rules

neat fuzz

and tidy timing

eye contact

one elbow

man style

on the bar

squaddie crops

thank-you love

brighter than

the stage

he left before

all his pint

leg leg


ledge breathe in

smile for a

jang in

day-glo plastic


zip zip

leather pockets

to find a pound

she let me

have that one

for free

knee socks

diamante heart

I'm getting the hang of

the floor

we drink

coats on

nymphette lips

rhythm clings round

last sawdust



I think she


like soaping herself

and slides a tall

corner of

the wall

denial of

arrows for the lav

you undress your

eye pool

I will dip and flick

inside your



girl showing

traffic island

following her tail

sloping feline

lazy flirt

stretch flexy

uncurl pinky

you came

to see

centre fold


finger tips

tippy toed

strap push


on the floor


unstrung of


pulling attention

off an ice point heel

day job

dirty rock

leaning into charge

remote control


she does

verse chorus

along her leg

the hold-up top

lacy lastic

keep intact

for dance

she strips


one hour

men step aside

the door open.


Saturday, 20 October 2012

Low Cloud

Low cloud before dinner,

a speed boat

grafts the sea.

I stop;

two fishing rods

make an X.

A dog,

shiny, there familiar,

'what's new?'

Then chase off.

A shell clutching another.

The handrail's slimy with

'is that all?'

I go fast on stones

and wordy,

the ruin of shoes,

trying to

work something out.

Last week's butterfly,

in her best,

will be dead now.

Someone needs to

flush today.



Saturday, 13 October 2012

In a Bishopsgate Cafe

In a Bishopsgate café

the man with

a rural complexion

loosened his

quilted jacket

and read a magazine

through a magnifying glass,

mother of pearl handle.

He set his phone

on the table

measuring an espresso

in steady gulps

and spoke

with an Irish accent

to someone-

a woman by his inflection-

on a train.

'I'll meet you on

the station steps.'


for being on time.'

Pausing for a waitress

carrying soup,

he asked if

she could cope.

A girl with blue hair

discreetly ate food

bought somewhere else.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


There was a girl at school,

we were second years

just into our teens.

Kim had a boyfriend,

the older brother of

Alison I think her name was,

but he was prettier.

And Kim,

as long as I'd known her

seemed resigned to

knowing that

she was a woman

waiting to grow up,

and had some sense of

what fun and work

and love and sex would be.

Be ready for it

soft, strawberry blonde girl

crystal eyes sad with all that looking,

you've got it coming.


Kim's boyfriend would stand with her

in the registration queue,

his arm around her

stroking her fingers and kissing.

He waited until Kim and her class

had to go in

and I would think,

he must be in trouble every day

for being late.

Or was lateness allowed for

young love?

Her cheek on his blazer sleeve,

looking up at him,

seeing only him.

Happy as if her whole future

was his face smiling at hers.

Then afraid

when she saw school uniforms

with kids inside them,

and corridor walls

painted grimy round classrooms.


A pattern in the wallpaper

left vacant for Kim.