Tuesday, 9 October 2012


There was a girl at school,

we were second years

just into our teens.

Kim had a boyfriend,

the older brother of

Alison I think her name was,

but he was prettier.

And Kim,

as long as I'd known her

seemed resigned to

knowing that

she was a woman

waiting to grow up,

and had some sense of

what fun and work

and love and sex would be.

Be ready for it

soft, strawberry blonde girl

crystal eyes sad with all that looking,

you've got it coming.


Kim's boyfriend would stand with her

in the registration queue,

his arm around her

stroking her fingers and kissing.

He waited until Kim and her class

had to go in

and I would think,

he must be in trouble every day

for being late.

Or was lateness allowed for

young love?

Her cheek on his blazer sleeve,

looking up at him,

seeing only him.

Happy as if her whole future

was his face smiling at hers.

Then afraid

when she saw school uniforms

with kids inside them,

and corridor walls

painted grimy round classrooms.


A pattern in the wallpaper

left vacant for Kim.


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