Sunday, 6 January 2013

Corneal Abrasion

I'll take on the personality
of a torn optic nerve
I'm used to it

Victoriana in stays
fixed up like that
is a lot to live up to

dry creosote can I
touch the fence now
creosoty splinters in

a cutting device
what's it called
a guillotine

Julie pulls my hair
through the slats
nothing personal

you are not an individual
you are one of a number
blamed for deforming the equation

entrenched or selvedge seal
is in good spirits
to exhume

the cosy mausoleum
it's my favourite word
lucky ring

lucky beads
lucky belt
lucky ring

no not really
I wear it a lot
eye size

has to be lucky
seeing the rain

come down in prisms
pulling colours like
doctors appearing everywhere

in Blackmore
plash when they plant
a casket

and the day after
all the whites were rose
cutting off hazy

towns and villages where
we need a vehicle
bright lights

are bright lights a problem
yeah but I don't
wanna go anywhere

lost due to poor hygiene
is a hook and eye

jaggy tear clot rancid
rust on my temple
stuck pillow to brow

like stem puss
soft boiled sap
she's under size

to take seriously
her interior scar
shivering in bed

with two hot poke holes
in my face
dreading shiny sun

just smile force
scared to electric light
November 5am

is it alizarin
to make a scene
like this overflow

with crying swastikas
make romantic fever poetry
detach disconnect

optic nerve over
a full black bath
with star sharps

can happen even
on your birthday
good luck

lucky ring
lucky beads
lock of never

just her tears
need time to
adjust after a trauma

the wrong man tortured
one eye cored out
during interrogation

he'll be alright
in London just needs
a heavy overcoat

I think bearded men
look more vulnerable
file under politics

future history
extinct and blind
Siamese cat

adopted before injection
is beautiful
lives by sound and feel

very well thank-you
Munch and Joyce
attack of the cry

can you thread it
for me
corneal abrasion

impotent weep on
the hour dropper
ovaly dissolve

primary yellow paraffin night
grease open the morning
split ended veins

secondary orange
affordable air travel
for the lower classes and

artists I don't
remember nightmares
somewhere between

taste and smell
lighter fuel
when I wake up

that'll be the medicine
no I've always had it
that'll be the medicine

have another
plastic dolly curse
has fallen down

the side of the bed
her eyes stuck open
scraping the wall

scathy water
lick spirity
as they snap on

an examination glove
for human protection
latex free

please keep watching
I'd really hate you
to miss me

digging my knife
and fork
into my lap

when I'm quite bloated
I'll start on hers
if she's not on me

helpings of memory flesh
ushered into my orbit
that had to happen

it's on my circuit
of admiration for
anyone who tags

an object of desire
I might go back

for my scrap book
of slipped notes
hey pixie girl

come to the
after show party
hey been dying to

meet you
hey it must be
the devil between us

or whores in my head
whores at the door
whores in my bed

but hey where
have you been

I'd like to take you
for a drink

my name's John
please call me

yellow rose didn't
flower this Christmas
just one hydrangea

frothy pink world
in December
Nan was like that

till the end
you're either born with it

or you die with it
she said
night scented

that is not
a condition the medical
profession recognises

slot into my diagnosis
and let me point
out the door

said the automated
chair press
professional smile

as if I'd waste
a smile value of
£3 to a photobooth

chemicals slide out
rejected by a smeary lens
rain stain

imagine the worst
a hair wire
hours days blind

trying to pluck it
ringletting tweezer aim
shard of a tear bit

was the achievement
of the day
you are not unique

in thinking the room
is so full
you dare not

put all your weight down
in one step
should the floor give way

you mean other people
think that
and they haven't

smashed in broken agony
two storeys below

I confess to
a love–hate relationship
with plastic that's

really fresh greens
and all my tipsy nights
are made of it

light and replaceable
after informal goofing around
an office

for years
giving myself the
under arm paprika test

you know what
I mean
I seek a position

as a translator from
English into English
see sawing

I saw it
unbalance and scream
out of the eyes


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