Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Defiant Colour

And the wind was so strong

and I was so light

I blew along the ice

something children enjoy

hoping for an underground kitchen

so the next pavement I reach

would be heated

my best friend just us

out in summer again

secretly noticing the lines

we recognise from our mothers

she said piss is bright yellow

if you don't drink enough water

as we sat in the museum garden

boys playing football

the age we were

do you still look at young boys?

neither of us answer

they're wary of us now

saying sorry when the ball

lands by our bench

when before they'd aim at our heads

the biggest monkey puzzle tree

I'd ever seen is gone

but the stuffed bear is

still in his glass case

as if being stuffed wasn't enough

we stand taller than him now

been married and divorced and married

gone and hurt and loved

I was late for her wedding breakfast

fucking in the gap between

church and hall

they held up the reception for me

some of his claws were missing

our eyes touched

or perhaps they didn't need to

neither of us completing the female course

how long since that bear was born

I want to take him back

to where bears live

and make him a head stone

the best and only thing

of just beauty

I've ever made

and bury him

before other bears

living tearing fighting killing bears

realise he wasn't them

and do what nature has to

when I close the last curtain

I say goodnight

to a flower

who shocks me every morning

with her defiant colour

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