Friday, 22 March 2013

General Practice

I am not your previous

or next appointment

call me from the waiting room

where signs on the wall

say abusive behaviour

will not be tolerated

he weighs me up

as a waste of his time

but did not ask me

to take off my walking boots

before weighing me

that would take more time

yes, I walked here

no, I don't have a mobile phone

expression of nothing at all

when I say pain

and he winces

at the word flatulent

he turns the next suggestion card

on his face

I gave up milk and feel a little better

but I've lost more weight

eat ice-cream every night he says

try the next page

how much do you smoke?

never smoked in my life

lands like a personal affront

and the angry fist

in my belly

starts punching

when he opens a new file

your trouble would stop

if you had a baby

the general practice doctor

dressed for a bank job

safest employment

OK I could choose

a job like yours

but I don't think I could

care enough…

or might care too much

from my seat it looks like caring

is not one of his qualifications

only interested if

I agree to swallow

that new and profitable pill

pushed on me

earning rewards for him

I feel like they're playing

a game of shove

what's wrong with her?

I don't know

but we mustn't let it show

I think it's nothing at all

she just likes coming here

tell her the same as the rest

then shove small change like me

in the slot

and watch another one

fall off the edge

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