Wednesday, 29 May 2013


If I really look

and move to where

the curtain's darkest

I can still see steam

rising from my tea

in the mug I stole

from a restaurant yesterday

I like the handle

it fits my hand perfectly

we left a tip

we didn't realise

service had been

added already

Monday, 27 May 2013

Lightning Gun

An electric shock lady

with an octopus fantasy

deep sea voltage mistress

in a rented apartment

selling shocks to feed the meter

Saturday, 18 May 2013

18th May 1827

Maria stay at home

I heard five rooks calling

black against the sun

William waits to

make a grave for

the molecatcher's daughter

and red will creep

through the barn.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Drum Practice

If I could only

walk on grass

and wait here

for the next bell

and lose count

you were easy

to find this year

Lena a beloved sister

here I am again

digging graves

in the heat the ground is



when it rains

invisible crows

I felt my shoulder

strap slip down

velvety leaf

guilty of treading on daisies

Thursday of French keys

heavy with age

hang about me

and a plastic skull ring

the sound they make

in a tea-room

three volumes of

ghost stories in one

for a pound

I overheard

his cock looked like

some sort of growth


bone china

what could I do?




Thursday, 16 May 2013

Brown or white


café after our


he kept his coat


let's stay I like

the music

from the past

Americans doing English


clowning in the mirror

and do you do

breakfast 3pm

extra bacon please

good cake

is he here

I haven't been paid

romanticising I imagine

he's a dealer

show him out the


sure to give me

a hangover


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Susan carves her arm for dinner

Eat more eat more eat more
eat less eat less
eat more or less what you want
eat more don't eat that
eat less   e a t   l e s s
eat more
eat more
eat more
don't eat that don't eat that
eat less eat more or less what you want
eat more eat more eat more EAT MORE
EAT LESS eat more or less what you want
e a t   m o r e   don't eat that
eat less
don't eat that EAT MORE   e a t   m o r e
eat more or less what you want
eat less eat less eat less eat less
eat more DON'T EAT THAT
eat more EAT MORE   e a t   l e s s
eat more or less what you want
eat more
eat less
e a t   m o r e
eat more or less what you want
d o n ' t   e a t   t h a t
eat more eat more EAT MORE
eat less

Friday, 10 May 2013

Slow moving queue

at the printers
ah, you're still here
a Japanese girl


came to meet her boyfriend
he in a conservative navy blazer
without sleeves


she in a black coat
asymmetric details and
a cloche hat


they waited correctly


Sunday, 5 May 2013

This is a junkshop

when you highlight the leaf
on the inside edge
it changes direction
an inspiration
for a gallery attendants
polka dot head square
so unboot yourselves
for the new dance craze
we call it
the drain
now I've heard reports
of a girl in a secure
since she spoke
to flowers and birds

the aftermath
line is on the turn
where we only have
quite steep hills, no mountains
for a party not in here she's not

all you people get out
can't you see and hurry up
this isn't Canada
and I'm waving a stick
for curfew we electric telepathy

playing our keys
at last
for the red haired singer
who freed a bird
from a shoe

makes it better to give
than receive
though that does depend
on what magazines you read

to bluetonic
and a mod from Woking
I name this ship
a passionate kiss
you and me were walking
along the seafront but
huge and simple
sea beach railings pavement
day last night   

let me believe in ghosts
so when I see him
I'm ready to say hi
seagulls see the funny side
of everything
wouldn't you if you could
fly without trying?  

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Land Slide

It's like standing at the side

of the road

at a crossing

I can hear the crowd coming

but they haven't seen me

some are three joined together

giant and having a great time

growing more mouths

human telephone networks

two are talking

but in opposite languages

multiplying the closer they get

someone shouts skinny bitch

a woman says she knows

who I am

and wonders if I've seen

the posters all over town

saying I'm a fake and a fraud

they're loud as the traffic now

I shrink to keep myself

on the curb

they have concrete necks

and glued in eyes

and I watch as they

push me under the wheels

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A Clean Pair

Not quite lights out

blue sparkler

under the machine

she devoured them

and used to sit

on the old spinner

lino rippler

oh, to live in luxury

or bang on the formica

from under

the bearings gone

when I was seventeen

I counted seventy one

tanga style

but only wore

ten the same colour

cheap sold in fives and


to chop up sixty one

for dusters

and mock the wife

who irons underwear