Sunday, 5 May 2013

This is a junkshop

when you highlight the leaf
on the inside edge
it changes direction
an inspiration
for a gallery attendants
polka dot head square
so unboot yourselves
for the new dance craze
we call it
the drain
now I've heard reports
of a girl in a secure
since she spoke
to flowers and birds

the aftermath
line is on the turn
where we only have
quite steep hills, no mountains
for a party not in here she's not

all you people get out
can't you see and hurry up
this isn't Canada
and I'm waving a stick
for curfew we electric telepathy

playing our keys
at last
for the red haired singer
who freed a bird
from a shoe

makes it better to give
than receive
though that does depend
on what magazines you read

to bluetonic
and a mod from Woking
I name this ship
a passionate kiss
you and me were walking
along the seafront but
huge and simple
sea beach railings pavement
day last night   

let me believe in ghosts
so when I see him
I'm ready to say hi
seagulls see the funny side
of everything
wouldn't you if you could
fly without trying?  

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