Saturday, 22 June 2013

Evening Slant

Blacker mask jackdaw

on the station bridge

eyes me close

tilt head and still

hops one eighty

eyes me with the other

approval of velvet

and fake Whitby bead

barely a flight

to the rail

showing tail

I give no threat

only compliment

plume and stance

loud enough to make

a passer look

he makes for greater backdrop

the sky

crest of a roof


day heavy travellers rush

birds rule

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Boy cut

She's bleeding out the edges
can you come over
sleep over nurse
I can't go out
nothing clean
pour it for me
hi-contrast babe
working out the frame
in her bedroom
sweat race sigh together
don't care who hears
femme connection
stop for a breath of
off the lead
outside in check pyjamas
and hoody
one eye behind the fringe
plays with her drawstring
Germanic and
her semi-Asian
half drawn eyes
wearing boxy T-shirt
first thing she found
stays by the kitchen door

Sunday, 9 June 2013

PM Stripes

Two boys and pop radio
in next doors yard
good fit
sun lovers
in trunks and
a ready made tan
sculpting for bronze
soul diva
singing them out
on king size
bleach white
beach towel
trainers and flip flops off
legs around
and feet crossed
in the small
of his back
respectable volume
down on square slabs
a hand stroking
his inner thigh
word on the deckchair's
face hidden
by the wall
of yellow roses
kissed by degrees

Thursday, 6 June 2013

High light

Marcasite under

opal glaze

flutter book flick

gas light



dare you

over the roadside

platinum print

she's young

she's not this year

an escaped antique

mirror splash

on a leaf

reflected on sky

opens wing outline

downy lift

triangle trickle

ring ting

out the open corner

bell drop


alight on the

kimono sleeve

last of May

first of June

Saturday, 1 June 2013


My hand resting

on the plastic handle

remember I'm breakable

walk slowly

they went out in

bad rain

to tidy the flowers

I stood up vases

on a fine day

on graves I never knew

not quite believing

someone could hear me

through the clouds

and I could feel

the sun

it's not so much the death

it's the pain that comes before

icy needles

hardly a thing between

leather and bone

yesterday there were bare branches

but how quickly leaves grow

on the climbing rose

so I press my hands

against a cemetery tree

and it's the earth I feel

when she didn't phone I thought

something must have happened

but that's just like her

didn't want to spoil my day

all the words

rush to come out at once

stamp and get stuck

while I hear her

and breathe