Monday, 15 July 2013

down the well

going on a move lots of pockets in a jacket army surplus for note books numbers sums in my head sense of direction never could do that road works and palm trees in the atrium he doesn't travel anymore windows without the lift and pull open but I can't stay in one town even if they call it a city and why would you want to leave our trains had doors that would fly open hundreds of mph then she wouldn't be able to get out stuck left it too late and going somewhere she didn't want to beyond the ticket first year in danger car with steel rule stanley strangle wire sits on her own thinking of all the damage she'll have time for if the opportunity made himself known mother didn't worry she knew I carried a knife estates drawn on the side of a roman road bus stops are really loud up north people really do have television voices or nothing's stopped there for weeks and the end of the queue is where the last person wants to go lucky for them this place isn't very good and it's home and has been for generations guide books never say that and looks so nice in the picture can I have a return please no we haven't cracked our skulls timetable gospels over the tannoy reverse at five which one of us is least likely to get searched boot lace undone captain why haven't you got a ticket to be honest I couldn't face getting off at my station so I'm here I see just pay at the window train jam five stacked up evening into night she can see home and hungry summer night looting rush hour freeze outside hours before anything moved not everyone had a seat office girls in high heels got down on the track and started walking guards shouted get back in that's too dangerous all that time breathing in body heat and the windows let too much from out in doors don't open till we stop at a station he lived closest got a bus east us four finding our stop heat drunk and london that time is so silent a grassy area with a swing and sand pit tower blocks and business anything natural living here keeps it to themselves he knows he's lived here for years gritty urban concrete beach do you two know where you're going get a train with me no we know we're enjoying the scenery we know the way we might be later station gates locked left hanging about outside taxi drivers get ready for I just want to get home don't care how much waiting room's locked and the drinks worn off you better get off the cleaners are female and might think you're drunk if I'm not drunk why else would I be here lean into the bend and hope there's no ice four of us got home just keep her walking we will know once I see the river or not actually notice it until bridges day light he got there road blocks people filming from windows record the event action fires don't get out they're in hoods throwing bricks they're kids this is a passenger announcement you'll get killed we couldn't hear it from a night bus south I was just walking and someone shouted out of a car what you wearing I'd been feeling the weight of false legs very old two hundred and fifty the set cross over on the blind corner she sang as she walked home in a new place for company emergency things or a long time ago with her best mate further from the station soaked and mascara runs knew that road well found my way in fog and shoe pinch her favourite songs we knew all the words I sang them on my own but didn't own up upstart start up build up drink up west again friday night capital card to tottenham court staircase looks like it's been under water if we had a shopping trolley we'd get her home quicker then bash something metal on every lamp post as I got into my road and vow to only ever work somewhere on foot you're right it's the same suitcase wheels and duffle bag all those new towns look temporary boxes of cubic metres and multi picture houses we'd get in cars often hired to visit roundabouts she goes into town to get out again spokes of a wheel steering was my main problem shame lockers are in the past some things you just don't want to carry around information update construction some with lights showing off how high they are if you lived here you'd be home by now yes I would is the door locked you got your key I've forgotten my book so I have to think about where I'm going and the rocker who looks fearless and sat in first class she wonders what it's like to walk through those fields rather than stand and hang on to a chair back when tracks collide and wheels conflict hitch hiker as one foot creeps towards the other I'll take up no more space than I have to

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