Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Heat Spell

Owling out Oliver
steam anchor down
cruciform fizz cup
this needs a torch
wear a crown Jonny
shearing the corona
cross thee over
sham key nails
on a mannequin lever
rag moth
bones need a coat
Ethel snake
a round of dice
caught on Broxa
rocksy dolls house
clockwise and
arrow oil
grey fader
racing blues
lost your mood
out board trash
parallel jumpstart
trap the felon heart
and I've dropped a stitch
are you piranha
are you karma
are you flying ant day
thunder wings
and secrets come undone
fever shock like
Scorpio armour
foil I think
of armagnac blisters
truly flame out
glove ice hand
waxy slip tied
soul dust
Nero fan track
some empire
wake up Annis
pan burn
catty lusion
tear refinery
claw snaring
trenchy resister
crimson seen staring
stay in one place
love rust alley
I know you're there
anaemic injection
correction box 


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