Monday, 1 July 2013

Map Seventy One

White morning

line frenzy wait

one has to be right


while I look up

time the meaning


no, it's alright I'm

just I couldn't hear you

the connection was mud

and the air

fast line

the air had corners


that was breathing mine

I wasn't

time had stuck doors


thought you weren't there

and you

can I trust embery sky

one sky cut line

could be the way out

stretch so I fall

wavy through

wrought iron railings

and mossy jags

pretending Berlin

on the hour unpredictable

solitary heart down first

crocodile spray on hide

cellophane siren

and gouged out sea view

of a bomb site idol

doing spider

and sword words

with arum lilies

every sword of his melted

in tyranny design

every tone of violet

bruise a mattress landing

I didn't ask for colours

if I could only

sleep till winter

and write everything down

make up a name

any page for you

you can have a murder invite

or invent a missing person

any leafy number

of frost burn and sun bite

from dreaming Gemini gardens

a misunderstanding

we're lost

I allowed an impostor

when I opened to say

now he's at the window

telling me what to think

so nothing is fixed


yes, but not in this order


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