Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Truth Society

He wants orange juice

not passion fruit

just orange juice

and stands at the front

she shoves

her knickers in a glass

before she starts her dance

today they're fast

on and off and on

the business

she shaved the minutes

it's a race

to finish my drink

before I'm out of coins

I drink too fast

use the stairs

he stands in front of me

I step one step left

leave the wall

to see

the girls are fleshier today

mixed race English

and smile a smile that says

I know what you're thinking

even me the only woman

who chanced it

crossing between black cabs

she shouts something from the stage

to the girl up next

the lights change and I eat

in a sushi bar

there's a bubble on the sauce bottle

out of practice with chopsticks

sesame oil

drips from my lips

next door is




basement and vaults

latex wear





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