Friday, 28 February 2014

Mercury and Sulphur

nettled into running full speed at the bill board an illusion we fly clean through with an attractive bruise for youth a widow stamp crawls from where I can feel to where you can see leaving a keyhole that one day will fit this key if I collect enough for entry into their room

there’s a voice the only thing moving my voice swallowing itself in the corner there was a lot I didn’t understand being afraid of tanning or fading the distance clear against the sky five minutes away from my out of focus watching my back for now swarms of now on the failing landscape it’s tempting to lie down be convenient nigredo in sight of nowhere

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Controversial dance moves

should not be attempted

if nylon apple core

three eyes

greedy mirror

lift shaft

air pressure

does not complete

out of floor



hip jerk

imagine something

ice cream

totally ruined

latch key

clovered to death

if you feel the need

maybe Grecian

sling violet

over the maze

to the will this

poison me

chequered twilight

stretchy square

don’t you remember

telling me

guilty seven

can I eat this

plague mask

hawk suit

breath and magenta

scarab revival

Rayleigh style

venting loop

lie on the

pollen current

switch to rays


the regent


ivy on the wall  



Friday, 14 February 2014


Concrete touching sky nearly home

a young moon

perfect night split by hail blades

she’s trapped between channels

step after step pushing weight to the monolith edge

can’t let go

ice burning through wool and denim

man-made’s not worth a second thought

tower blocks designed to shift in storms

she doesn’t move

the noise covering any sound from her

non-existent to the sense of

someone gone to be inside soon

I am grave robbing

and beyond weakness to be home

and comfort told of afternoon clouds

the colour of candle flame

in dirty blue sky

she waited for sun sign

to undo some heat and move

now I wait the hail wiring me to sky

and wall and pavement

I am inside this isn’t fear

it waited for me

aerial rage I know hurls at this wall

the air I replace is torn and smashed through a place

already demolished

time is vague

receiving a million milli-second

lashes in a fight I’d lose

you know so stay here

your hunger is nothing to me

your pain is nothing to me

I am the bird who feeds from your hand

tomorrow she wears damage like medals

not forever

and someone will test for broken windows

Thursday, 6 February 2014


Specimen cage
replacement milky
prison void
shartree wheel
immersion clamp
petal action
cling dermis
drag net
the doorway
many arch
half crouch
kinny olan
sentry central
spine climber
tomb pass
find find
lacy novice
coma cell
look tarny safe


Trilobite Faction

still the way

Armour Age