Thursday, 17 April 2014

Control Zone

descending what day is it

invisible fog

lightning breaks twilight

are we doing the scaffold

the right way up

and language attack

is bled into

this space will not break

disconnections contract

a tracery of lives

burning off what they can get

domino tail is king

if someone can help me

with the electric

angle to be

dog skull stone shape

written up in lilac

I didn’t know trains could miss

and put my weapons

in the sun

can this heat

really change a sound

or if we can stay here

crucified swastika jammed

inside a chalk outline

don’t look at me

ripping my clothes

so it didn’t

look like the first time

following someone

dressed blacker than me

been there before

we arrive somewhere

my ticket doesn’t work

but they let me through

blood moon where were you

erase my footprints 




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