Sunday, 20 April 2014

Road safe

don’t start

somehow the sea got up here

yellow metal

fighting over cracks in the pavement

and broken strings

pulse in the engine

lights change

want to stay

want to go

day light when we got here

under track

fan up this side together

sounding back

secret gets alive around

this Friday shape

feel that

can we do this again

yes next time you’ll be different

people die all the time

he’ll climb the wall

can you play that

and choke

does that mean sing

get closer

to kiss

for words

ancient air case

and bricks no one slipped


electric normally

watching for once

all the small wheels

made big rain

move around

shiny earth clap

in sense

water stay here before

do that from the wrist

from the waist

from the one eye looking

sure time has lost us

this time

tuning tunnels

for hair nails

and keys to sleeping

numbers play their part

in shade

and footwork

until we stop


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