Monday, 18 August 2014

As Glass

can we drink with the illusion of sundown downcast then ecstatic she was French you know that makes it sound more elegant until I’ve unfolded enough to fill the whole room but be transparent wet silk like bat’s wings

well-constructed inky gaze in a silent movie the bird shadow looks closer to a strangling glove drawn towards my tunnel of breath and a carving on my temporal bone bad wired and stretch that contradiction of secret lights so it seems like you read it in dust

my wall of heroes just stare while we get hysterical over an embrace broken nine years ago after talk of Theda and Chainsaw and every celestial savage watch me 2am fake blue lacquered black

some colours just pretend for nylon tombstones mass produced in a set with eye patch spiders waiting at the station mislaid but I really really do need you now can I get away with saying the moon’s open too wide

she’s on replay down the hall too many creeps fixed me alright and I think of her running away when he said whatever all our favourite bands had it wasn’t musical talent

dream sequences give me no right to a broken heart my sack of doubts wait like a sleeping inferno

yesterday I found winter before the last complete rose ended as swollen hips in August somewhere neglected I like going with bare legs bitten by life living off what they can get

our eyes were fixed on the butterfly on his shoulder gently straining her wings for helpless colour as he walked towards the electric fence there is no time for something millions the same until the sea touches naively called water

physical and smashed the wrong size for stable movement to live like a perfume eater her senses doubled until there was only a one second charge freezing the surface so I see it always diaryed as a needle of light gouged into a stone made look soft like a human opening no one sees in polite conversation

in repulsion I admit it repulsion made me put her down as if splashing around in natural electricity could kill or touching internal trauma might infect

the sun dries and she is a stone with interesting damage not fit for exhibition life or didn’t wake up the tide knows cover

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