Monday, 29 September 2014

Dungeness Autumn Equinox

These days when we pay highly
just for a roof
floor boards track
another beach
power guarder and
more sky sparks than names
try to rest the truth gently
riding the eye on lighthouse beams
and a block of concrete
awake with pastel glitter
we were awake too
and the truth is
day will come
if you believe in that
we should rise also
beach and garden switch
desert and ice flats
how will I say this
edible colour

Greyly almost texture
the concrete night veil
has gone
now we have to listen
the same veil changes
to a hum
with tidal music
and us
turning to a stripe
of reflector red
shall we dance in cradles of
imagining cut feet
if our souls are so young
they break
offering strings pulled from
night to day
stretched along wood
and arm shapes to slow
the meeting of a beat
keep moving
if we stop now
will the torch go out
behind ancient amber
that's how I understand it
silvering water
forces me to look away
to concrete and a danger sign.

Padlocked chain to chain
am I allowed to walk around
or place a stone
where I think there's a gap
something delicate always seems able
to grow out of rock
I don't know what belongs here
or if I can take this home
wartime defences and pieces of
storm wood I'd call them
sun dials with the shadow
gone missing
curled up inside a boat
inside her open casket
autumn beach house
stuck with everything had a use
and a car that doesn't go
so we plan the next escape
and leave this house painted black
like I always feel safer in
my leather jacket
he left sunburst yellow frames
have we come to look
through windows?

Monday, 1 September 2014

Standing - Specimen by Map 71

Words - Lisa Jayne
Drums and Synths - Andy Pyne
You can listen to us on

The Clearing

By some miracle day slept

or she let us watch

inside our eyelids

the hospital bed in a film

really in the wood

just reminds me of a film

wrought ivy

that came later at home

but it fits

somehow cloth houses were enough

for my subliminal cat

to lean on the emergency door

we are the music

and something to hang from

just by the shadow tips

he said he’d tie her up

but softer than the ground

on my back

and front not yet

as if the woods need blessing

white super circle raworth

what did he give me


gathering the colours of hurricane

against a weekend

mud what I done last night

and lingering ammonia if I forget

to wait while I move

ten minutes long

that sharp one bug sighted

he slanted himself

accented as well

dry in the nest wet

runs off a long lash

find me the opener

we sat there and knew each other

we’d always known each other