Sunday, 30 November 2014

Wrong Element

I'd rather I didn't know
but seeing as I do
I could avoid
staying up all night
so tomorrow will still be
when the stage is
the safest place
and real life isn't a loan
I watch boiling water splashing my hand
I should have felt
and think about people
born in the strongest heat
to ever cool down
they will fire closing my eyes
to the sun
redder realistic red
spat reality
fighting for the exit
we've abandoned searching
by day trips into
run home in darkness
fearing headlights
got you now
there are machines
berserk for one more
broken into splintered into
the yes you were fed
falls out of the mouth
with tomorrow's breath
the hiss scratchy heat
and anything
that didn't get out the way
in time
undigested I will serve you
or take their thinnest offering
fighting to get out
the support lie before
it's split
by informing agents
whispering repeat warnings
to the weakest
from outside
no, I can't see them either
but a scream dies
as aiming for exit
released when
the earth is fighting for
alone with it
I take what's left
it tells me nothing
call it melodrama
eyelash clenched between
the teeth
don't blink
or fear the tongue lapping
for sense exchange tasting tears
if there's a pause
someone might ask me a question
what's your favourite colour
then go back to where you're from
means something different
every time
alright alright
try carving into my head
some sort of average
of knowing what you know
as if youth or belief
were on my side
tell me how you
get so high
tell me how you
get so high
and green flashes
deceptively think it's a fake
we really really paid for what
I decide is my own reality
get in the queue
do what you have to
follow follow
economy bitches
bitch get in line
wheel out the slam dancers
it's what you do, right
suddenly aware
just because they like
what I like
not the same
how do I advertise that
and bolting myself in
there's skin and blood
on the wall
where you say
you'll leave your number
rite of passage
passages and spotlights
on the pull frantic
the opposites aren't even
this is where I'll stay
where I'm from
sleeves dragged all the way
what's written under the cover
syrup tear drop trapped
and creatures that mate
for life
medieval style
hunt out the witches
where are you from
take me there
always skidding sea light
and oil cans
routes of escape
made too hot
made comfortably sick
lick the back of my name
then tangle it
not quite tight
enough to cut circulation
down the line of
a hobble skirt
grafted inside an asylum
dig deep burdock root
lashed to
remember the words
tell me what to do
how it feels
make it easy
I'm there now
I'm there
I'm there
I'm there now
there now
someone moves to block the light
face front
the outer coating seems to hold
too much meaning
bought a ticket for
the time tunnel
crashing off the century
there are not many
excuses left for being
a performance artist
when do we start and
when do we finish
pick up your feet
that'll do
reprinted T-shirts on our backs
who were we
made in England's
dreaming of something
not that different
yeah, yeah
but in dreams
I do it better
and say I understand
all the crossfire
from one mouth
mosquitoed into tube trains
where everyone looks
like an alien or
an animal
or an alien animal
whose reflected eyes
are store rooms
of me
of us
standing out
and fitting in
nothing means anything


in cradles of
no shadow
day will come
through stone
grey rivals
who belong
chain to chain
we shall rise
sun dials
ancient amber
if we stop
and look for
night veil
you believe
we escape
ride my eyes
of tidal music
if I say
shore light
through windows
the truth