Thursday, 21 May 2015


as I take my place in the food chain
put the knife down
and move away from the knife

there's a chair out in the yard
mass produced molecular
feeling sorrow for foxes
it waits for me to act
now nightmares sleep in the craw

all the lights were on
but a wailing gash of illumination
generates demonic colour
the type you only see
in the dark

all the happy snappers
queue up for a murdered man
sorry to disappoint you viewers
this isn't an agro scene
it's not even disease or malfunction
it's the chronic disorder of defeat

they gawp and show their friends
this horror show
and lick their lips
for another flash of hyper colour fear
branded into their hearts

a shadow snake slips inside
my exhaustion
a guardian through a cracked window

we are foxes
chased by hide and seek
round a chair
trying to break glass 


Saturday, 2 May 2015

Chemi - Saw

Get on with it I can't hold still for long cheerleading permitted graffiti in this plague centre wrapping myself in carefully nurtured dreams. Starved transparent existing only on liquid and light enough to float on the surface swimming in my brother's death. Listen to me I can't swim a savage absorbing him before I'd seen daylight. You can't take the home out of the girl. What am I some sort of missed out Dilly boy looking for bed work under a moon violated the year I was born.

Change vortex and release spinal tension.

What I see as a rubber cat curled and sleeping is protective headwear passive ready for the call.

The stealer forces images from movie time not the past we pass on the stares I cross my fingers my identity is not sick.

Crashed cars are removed quickly now when did you last see the wreckage? But signs are left asking for information. In the current situation police bare their teeth at a teacher photographing architecture. They say a tourist would be granted permission. And safe breakers hit a wrong number so the combination dial jams tomorrow a low stretch of fog buries and distorts shadows crossing a barrow. Bring out your dead. Silence is mythical.

Record - Play back

Record - Play back

Record - Play back

Record - Play back

Time stutters fracture clear sight.

My hand will eventually find something steady in the fear of escalators and moving hand-rails. Mood swings criss-cross lovers' incisions seal the cut before. Now start praying.

I told an early lover I was aroused by sandbags mute and malleable and I should try not to fall into the trap of beauty when I let go. I saw close ups of our fuck centre of faceless fucking I as he penetrated he as me. Genital mutilation is in the eye of the beholder. The eyes of the me child knew that. And insanely flawless make-up imprinted on the pillow and on his back in the morning glue eyed until the face reforms a replica of the one who only feared her mother and everyone else can fuck off.

Chemical see-saw.

Cosmetic stage name Chemi - Saw.

Manufactured from permitted graffiti.