Monday, 31 August 2015

Birds Replay Dusk

Shrapnel from wild imaginations
receive colour waves
from a schizoid hydrangea
copper gets to the brain
and gives character
like a granny rinse
to a garden dream time fold

In Blackmore back to
a boss eyed dandelion clock
fairy bones airy grave
two o'clock one o'clock five o'clock

Sixty nine Jones drowned
marimba under my thumb
and a sitar of voluptuous reprieve
for three seconds
before reason will translate
a purple satin corset
into a garment for correct posture
get seen posing on the pavement

Mum loses daughter in long grass
will be todays headline
rewards are out there to save energy but I'm telling you it's filthy and I stink of paisley complications full flower who cascade from her pulse zones vaginal infections are a no-no in my line of work

Guzzling sunny delight all oiled up to slide through the railings with a violent look back at the greasers
Pinky wouldn't like it and makes a bolshie getaway jeering keyed up at 7pm on a slalom with fairy bones crenellation flying

The Good Intent is by far the best pub name I've ever heard of
scratched into the lav door
Sally Huck is a good…
I've no need to tell you
we're all poets here

Still I identify as third generation mod it's a hereditary condition that keeps hairdressers in business and bends the feet nifty for pressing dancefloors
'Didn't I know you in sixty six?'
'Not likely but did you goose my mother?'

Whenever Billy Boy dyed his hair red he drank a bottle of green ink time fold again today you said if we remember green what we really mean is red there's a lot to be said for thinking in negative the world can only take so many politicians

I foretell locked groove terrors
if we save too much
in real time
and look back
and save
and look back
stored as do it the same again
we learn cover songs
of a bird cage swinging on a watch chain
can anyone time orgasm because when we fly back down on the bed birds soak through the ceiling wing feathers splay for shadows to grip me now like a lover