Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Body House

Like an open mouth low rise flats block the sky I didn't believe wedge cut from half way Victor I'm not interested she's on her way to meet a client a real client politely upholstered she makes up made ready over the table a strain of plastic diagonal to me cropped once blonded moment in where I'm going for my blood line soon will break call to come she has a mirror ends painting lips professional go ahead red I look at my tunnel reflection bridge walking the river and people cameras on sticks dirty old Thames I hear someone myself saying river river river blue wings under the skin under my eyes no amount of sun can turn back if I fly off the wheel what really happens I don't understand traffic lights the city meal trough thinks I should be hungry or do I feel sick by food if I was on acid this would be called a bad trip but dressed like a Japanese girl why today of all days have I tried cute foot down in the road sharp look at taxi driver edging in he stops I walk up to food trough how pretty it looks and walk out Bishopsgate is longer glasser more time girders is there anything I can do to collapse the strong man in the sky myopia forgets and I see if I can still do it ground to all levels up from the block I get a low whistle a valve under London feeds me something like protein across to glass lift and suck and spew the workers box of vertigo this is no time to be playing with reality I get to the same place twice but the noise down my blood line stops and flares rawly the bones get jabbing the living inside skin there's nowhere for peace or sleep when a disease charges the blood line with red won't sever I feel life transferal walking across the green I hear someone inside me let out of me I never want to be here again on the corner NF drawn into wet cement something like 35 years ago I stamp heavy over and over NF echoes off cloud sculpting you never see a sky like you do in Essex a corner of blue tinted glass cool lenses square on cloudy half speed micro horizon magnifying glass parallel floors cloud fits into everyone's happy here big blink cloud gets out net curtains rumour the crazy one's back a baby cranks her head in disgusted get a look horror at my ripped aura by a deeper blood line or something I am a reptile eating eggs  

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