Saturday, 31 October 2015

left facing

from the concrete build up surface
that will graze air flow inside out
with friction and danger that size
would need more than cannons to crack
like a swavastika in bondage
they backtrack with preachings of an open grave
just a fraction of existence
clamps its jaws on anyone who claws at the earth
or their hearts for a connection
however masochistic it is to admit
wanting to be like a constant turning
hall on the wall
endurance of lies about lines
from the deepest image imprinted as the last one seen before death
has anyone thought to ask the dead
what it feels like to see eternal pin pricks in the mask seal ignorant
on the level of graffiti brainwashed to a
brutalist mausoleum or the execution hood
following orders face unseen
while aggravated breakage of a sign we all know
female spiders change colour to be invisible she encloses her eggs race protection
easy scapegoats can't fight back
so man-made rock formations interrupted mid shape shift
while internal turbines seethe
the energy has to be released somehow
since man has decided the work is finished
like in silence men can only hear themselves
and they go mad
or freed is a joke
from absolute prison as incomplete abortions
revived to the real world by the stench of synthetic orange
from spray can which a youth posing like he had a sten gun
uses all his power and everything they taught him
to sell us enforced dream-land from a new build glitter ball
vertical stack of taboos safe as a reverse pyramid
unbalanced by glamour horror vibrations
becomes sight dissecting a scream for sun cross
now the artist returns as an amputee from memory
force fed negative electric
this is plague
sold as everything you ever wanted



Sunday, 4 October 2015


Arc-light surgery cuts in with a cloaking device who looks like a slip between trees found white skin that's all it is skin and if I didn't know the reputation here all men are innocent and as good as ignore me as I throw down a coded invitation that isn't even meltdown just a stronger desire for pain and a blank wall somewhere that doesn't know me the cleanest ellipse of silver from sun on sea kept flashing up an instant bikini light returning to the same position by stronger forces than habits forget to die I think it was more dead than anything beyond sleep flies covering imagination maggots no fly is distracted at that moment flies are really pretty they just get a bad press like even a dead rat is someone's daughter
keep off the rocks
the strange thing was I couldn't find her on the way back I rarely see the same corpse twice and change the tense because a line and a circle depend on nothing as long as your memory is different to mine and the effect of landscapes max factoring frosted eye rests or tethering fatal illusions of what's your inclination the left or right ovum fashion accessory replaces hysteric tsunami
in all this chaos in this beautiful cross hatched basement clattering high rise swarm of chaos basking in friendly fire now the personality crisis is over
cross all that out
chaos is bound and gagged and strapped to a chair in the corner waiting execution in all that I've found a tune walking towards strangulation now everything all of it anything all at once they are euphoric and push the edge this is the end we feed and want I stretch and believe razor blades and feathers feel one break every bone in my body and cram every last body of life into the size of a dice and hope for a six
then stop
it's just a game so say my name slowly stretched horizontal from sun to moon do I really mean that much then beg you to throw the dice again